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FAQ & Policies

What vaccinations are required for my dog?

We require Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies to be up to date and proof of vaccines supplied before their day care or boarding stay. We also highly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine although it is not required.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered and why?

Females need to be spayed between 6-8 months old. We can be more lenient on males until they start showing dominant behaviors, mounting, etc. which is typically around 10 months. Unaltered dogs change the dynamic of the group. When the time comes, owners can take their dog out of day care until they've been altered, and then resume day care again.

What is your cancellation policy for day care or boarding?

We require a 24-hour notice for any cancellations or reservations including day care, boarding, and grooming. Owners that do not show on their scheduled day or cancel with less than 24-hour notice will be charged the scheduled rate, per dog, or charged at least one 24-hour period. A 2-day deposit is required for all boarding reservations, including holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s). A refund will only apply if we are able to fill your spot.

What do I need to bring for my dog while boarding?

The absolute minimum you need to bring is their food, enough for their stay, in an airtight container with their name, how much they eat, and when they eat. We do have community food if they run out or if you forget their food at home. If you do use our food, we charge $1 per cup. We do recommend bringing more food than your dog would normally eat if your dog is an active dog for all the extra play and calories burned!

You can also bring a bed big enough to fit in a crate their size, a favorite blanket, 2-3 toys, even a shirt you wore the day before to make them feel more comfortable. You can bring their favorite treats if you wish, but no rawhide bones are allowed. These are a choking hazard and need constant supervision. Snack time is 1pm and 9pm where we will give your dog a MilkBone Biscuit, which is also included with day care and boarding!

Do you allow any dog at day care?

No, we do not accept dogs who are aggressive towards any other dog, towards people, dogs who can climb a 6' fence, or eat rocks.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed to customers on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's. We are open all other holidays in the morning from 8am - 9am and in the evening from 5pm - 6pm.

What are your drop off and pick up hours for returning customers?

Day Care

Monday - Friday

  • Drop Off: 7am - 9am
  • Pick Up: 3pm - 6pm
  • 1/2 Day Drop Off: 8:30am - 9am
  • 1/2 Day Pick Up: 12:30pm - 1pm

Saturday - Sunday

  • Drop Off: 8am - 9am
  • Pick Up: 5pm - 6pm
  • 1/2 Day Drop Off (Mornings Only): 8am - 9am
  • 1/2 Day Pick Up (Mornings Only): by 11am

(Please Note: if you are later than 11:15am your dog will have to stay all day due to staff taking lunch. Please be prompt.)


Monday - Friday

  • Drop Off: 7am - 9am, 3pm - 4pm
  • Pick Up: 7am - 9am, 3pm - 6pm
  • 1/2 Day Pick Up: 12:30pm - 1pm

Please Note: We will not accept any drop offs after 4:00pm.

Saturday & Sunday

  • Drop Off: 8am- 9am, 5pm
  • Pick Up: 5pm - 6pm

No half day pick up on the weekends.


Drop Off: 7am - 9am
Pick Up: 12:30pm - 1pm
If your dog needs to stay until the 3 - 6pm pick up window, a half day of Doggy Day Care will apply for the staff's care for your dog. Your dog will be kept in the office with our staff, keeping clean with water and potty breaks until their departure.

Please note that our holiday hours are the same as our weekend hours. We are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving to customers.

Why are there specific drop off and pick up times?

The dogs are always on guard and can smell and hear customers during drop off and pick up times. When the drop offs and pickups stop, it allows the dogs time to properly meet all of their friends and instill a pecking order. We have found that by only allowing certain times, it keeps the dogs happier and less stressed when there isn't that constant excitement of new friends throughout the day.

Can I see the facility before deciding if I want my dog to attend?

Absolutely! We offer scheduled tours Monday through Friday at 5:45pm. We will schedule tours on the weekend upon request. We can only accommodate 2 people per night so please call ahead to reserve your tour. We also like to get your information and your dog's information, so we know what to discuss during our tour, although we review everything. Tours are scheduled at this time specifically because our facility is set up like a resort. All of the yards are in use until doggy dinner time and most of our day care dogs have departed. This allows for a proper tour without distractions. We also ask that you do not bring your dog to the tour. The tour is specifically for you to see where they will be playing and sleeping.

My dog takes medication, can you give it to them?

Yes! Prescription medication must come in the original pill bottle supplied by your vet so we know when and how much to administer. We charge $1 per administration. We also do insulin injections and charge $2 per injection. Insulin syringes must be pre-measured before dropping it off. Extra fees apply for any bandaging, changing of wraps as well.

We keep individual medication logs for dogs who require medicine per Colorado state law. We use these same logs to keep track if a dog is not eating or is sick during their stay.

Do you accept puppies?

We take puppies as early as 3 months, as long as they have had their second set of vaccinations.

At what age can my dog start attending day care?

We can take puppies as young as 3 months old. They must have their second set of Distemper as well as Bordetella. Some vets won't give the Rabies vaccine until puppies are older, we understand that and will accept puppies who haven't gotten their Rabies vaccine yet.

Do you monitor the food intake of your boarding guests?

Yes. We monitor the food intake and meals of our boarding guests and keep a log. If a dog is not eating well, we will add chicken broth or wet food to entice them. Additional fees apply if this is the case.

What if my pet gets sick or requires medical attention during their stay?

In the event your pet gets sick during their stay and requires medical attention we will make every attempt to contact you, those on your contact list, and your emergency contact. If we feel your pet needs medical attention, we will transport them to our emergency vet, Amigo Animal Clinic. You will be responsible for all vet bills and transportation fees. If we believe the situation is urgent and it is after regular office hours, we will bring your pet to the closest emergency vet clinic.

Is my dog at risk of getting hurt while at day care?

While we don't allow aggressive dogs, dogs do play with their mouths and paws. Scratches and nicks will happen during regular play. Just like how kids can get hurt on the playground or at school while playing, the same can happen for dogs. You will be notified if your dog was in an altercation, whether they were injured or not. If you find small puncture wounds or scratches when you get your dog home, you can call us to discuss anything that may have happened, but more times than none, small wounds are from overzealous play. We cannot eliminate the risk of a scuffle breaking out or a dog getting hurt. However, we minimize it by having trained staff members who watch for signs that could mean something is about to happen or a dog is uncomfortable. It is up to you to weigh the risks and choose to have your dog attend.

Is there a risk that my dog could get sick while attending?

We require all dogs to be up to date on their vaccines before attending, however, certain ailments can only be controlled so much. Kennel/Canine Cough, the common name given to infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease among dogs. The Bordetella vaccine only hinders the kennel cough virus, much like how the flu vaccine only hinders humans from contracting the flu, but you can still get the flu. There are many different strains and the basic Bordetella vaccine covers the main strains. Any time your dog is around another dog or where dogs congregate, there is a chance your dog can get kennel cough, even if both the dogs are vaccinated. It is passed through the air, and through sharing toys and water. Neighborhood dogs can even share the virus. Symptoms typically show up 3-4 days after exposure. Dogs who show symptoms or are diagnosed with kennel cough should be isolated and treated until no longer contagious. A dog contracting kennel cough does not reflect on the facility or establishment they were attending. Rather, let the staff of the facility know your dog has the symptoms so they can take the steps to make sure it doesn't spread further. Conjunctivitis (pink eye), while uncommon, does occur, and can be passed around from dog to dog through social interaction. Much like your child getting a cold from another child at school.

I have an older dog, is there an area for them where they will not be bothered and have places to lay down?

Yes, we have a group just for Seniors. They have a cozy, quiet place with us up front in the office where they have access to nice orthopedic beds and a yard to sunbathe.

How are dogs separated into their groups and are they always supervised?

Dogs are always supervised by a caregiver with a ratio of 1 staff to every 15 dogs. We have, at a minimum, three groups separated by age, size, and energy level. We have our senior dogs, our medium energy group, and our high energy group. We aim to make sure dogs are not overwhelmed and will place your dog where we see fit. We do move dogs into different groups depending on how they are doing that day if need be. We listen to the dogs and do what's best for them individually and as a whole.

Are dogs able to take naps, uninterrupted?

Yes! We have a 2-hour scheduled nap time every day for the dogs. We very much believe that uninterrupted rest is important for them, especially the active ones. While we do have cots and rugs that they can lay down on whenever they like, if there is constant activity going on around them, it can be hard to sleep. The nap times are crucial in keeping dogs from getting sore and grumpy, and gives them that down time that they're used to when lounging around at home. Depending on when you drop your dog off in the morning, they can play anywhere from 4-6 hours. That's a lot of time to play and get tuckered out! By the time nap time rolls around, they are all ready for sleep and the MilkBone they get when they go to bed!

Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?

No. We do have a 24-hour surveillance system that records 24 hours a day for safety, as well as an alarm system that is also a smoke and fire detector and burglar alarm. Studies show that dogs sleep better when humans aren't present, and we have seen it show at our facility. However, we do a 9pm wellness check and potty break every night, no matter the weather, number of dogs, or holiday. And they get a MilkBone when put back to bed! We do have a family member that lives in the small house at the front of the property.

You advertise kennel-free, what exactly does that mean?

We are different from a kenneling facility who keeps dogs separated in their own individual rooms and taken outside for bathroom breaks throughout the day or have access to their own small space outside of their rooms. A kennel free facility, like ours, prides the fact that dogs are kept in a group environment, able to play outside all day. Dogs have their own quiet place to eat and sleep in. Other than that, they are outside playing with their friends until they get picked up!  

Can my dogs sleep and play together?

We do have ways that allow dogs to sleep together if they want to! As for playing together in the same group, it depends. We will keep dogs of the same family together unless we feel they will work better in a different group, for example if there is a size or energy level difference. We have to make sure the dogs are comfortable as a whole and individually.  

Can I add grooming while my dog attends day care or during their boarding stay?

Of course! You can let us know at drop off or contact us during their day care or boarding stay to let us know if you want to add on a full groom, bath, nail trim, or ear cleaning before you pick them up. All boarding stays that last 7 days or more get a Free Welcome Home Bath automatically! All full grooms need to be scheduled ahead of time.  

Are dogs in the indoor play yard during the day?

We like the dogs to spend as much time outside as possible. The climate-controlled indoor play yard is used when weather doesn’t permit us to be outside. It is heated during the cold winters and cooled during the hot summers with two air conditioners and misters. We do more frequent rotations as needed if we need to use the indoor area to make sure everyone including staff stay warm or cool enough.

Why would someone bring their dog to day care if they work from home or are retired?

Day care is a great way to socialize and exercise dogs. Both are essential in keeping a happy, healthy dog. We recommend day care once a week or play days for all dogs. Most people find their dogs are easier to handle the night of and the day or two after their dog has attended day care after their energy has been expended. Meeting NEW dogs is the key to having a well socialized dog. Plus, dogs need social interaction with other canines to be a dog and do dog stuff!

I have a senior dog who spends most their day at home, why should I bring them?

Dog day care is necessary for senior dogs as much as it is puppies! They get to interact with their friends and might even find one to play with. Keeping senior dogs mobile is beneficial for stiff joints and arthritis as it keeps them limber. Some dogs tend to become less tolerant of other dogs if their social skills aren't practiced. Just because your dog is getting older, doesn't mean they need to stay home more. We do have a space for seniors to lie around if they need to because of arthritis or sore muscles, but a majority of our seniors are in their groups walking around, interacting with the other dogs. We have cozy orthopedic beds, quiet areas for them to sleep, and quiet sun tanning areas for them to enjoy. We have seen many seniors find a spring in their step when they interact with younger dogs.

What extra activities or training do you offer?

We have our awesome Adventure Hikes that dogs can go on after you sign a permission slip. These are desert hikes, and we can walk them on- or off- leash depending on what you are comfortable with. These are 40-minute hikes that dogs go on where they get to be a part of an actual pack setting. We aren’t just walking slow with these guys; we mountain bike along with the hikes, and the dogs often run or jog at times. Mountain biking depends on the group, and if we have older dogs that can't go at that pace, we walk. They know we are the pack leader and follow us only to stop and sniff something and then run to catch back up. We also offer training so your dog can learn how to be off leash! It's the Power of the Pack!

Our resort features nightly 9pm potty breaks for our boarding guests, off‐ or on‐leash dog hikes, and 4 different groups to cater to each dog’s needs and happiness. Come experience the difference in the country today!
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