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Our dog groomers offer the best in coat care that is specific to your dog's breed. We limit the number of grooming appointments per day to minimize pushing the dogs through at a fast pace. We take our time and give dogs a break to potty and move around. We are able to combine a grooming appointment with your dog's day care or boarding stay!

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Spa Services

From a bath and blow out to a nail trim or ear cleaning, we offer many services depending on what your dog needs! We offer:

  • Basic Baths
  • Boarding Departure Basic Baths
  • Bath, blow out, comb out
  • Furminate De Sheds*
  • Tidy Trim/Partial Grooms
  • Full Grooming
  • Nail Trim & File
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Ear Cleaning with Hair Clean Out
  • Skunk bath

*FURminator grooming includes a pre-brush, 2 shampoos, extra coat conditioner, hand blow out, brush out, strip coat, FURminate, bandana or bow, and pet cologne.

We only give estimates as we charge hourly and grooming time depends on coat length, condition, and dog temperament. The owner will always be called or notified before a groom if the groomer notices mats or any other issues. Should demating be needed, there is an additional $10 - $20 charge, depending on time. For dogs needing a little extra help while at the groomer, there will be an additional $5.

Purchase our Pre-Paid Monthly Packages to save on your next grooming appointments!

Grooming Pick-up Hours

Drop Off 7am - 9am
Pick Up 12:30pm - 1pm
If your dog needs to stay until the 3-6pm pick up window, a half day of Doggy Day Care will apply for the staff's care for your dog. They will be in the office with our staff keeping clean with water and potty breaks until their departure.

Our resort features nightly 9pm potty breaks for our boarding guests, off‐ or on‐leash dog hikes, and 4 different groups to cater to each dog’s needs and happiness. Come experience the difference in the country today!
Come Experience the Difference
All the different areas are awesome with so many activities to keep the dogs engaged! And the outside areas are natural!Sharon B.
Our Hours We offer convenient hours to suit your busy schedule.
Location 640 W Gunnison Avenue,
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
(Just 2 blocks South of Rim Rock Walmart)
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